Leaving your home vacant while you are on holidays can make it vulnerable to break-ins. Help protect your home while you are away by following the tips below.

Social Media

You may be tempted to post about your holiday on social media; however this is not the best idea. You can never be sure of who exactly is looking at your social media. By posting about your trip you are advertising your unoccupied home to potential intruders. If you want to keep your friends and family updated on your holiday make use of the security options which allow you to select the exact Facebook/Twitter/Instagram users who you would like to see your posts. Or best of all –  just wait until you get back to show off your photos!!!


Ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your home while you are away. This will give you peace of mind that someone is watching over your home.If you are going away for more than a couple of weeks your home can quickly become  unoccupied looking. Giveaways to this include piles of unopened post in your hall and an unkempt lawn. Ask your neighbour to remove post from your hall every few days. You could also consider organising someone to mow your lawn whilst you are away.

Light Timers

One of the best ways to give the impression that you are at home is to have at least one light on within the house at night. Invest in a timer that will turn your lights on and off automatically. This will help to turn away any unwanted guests without using too much electricity.


Install a home security system. Standard home security alarms generally include sensors on all entry doors, sensors on easily accessed windows, and some motion activated sensors for outdoor spaces. They are also a direct link to a monitoring service. These systems act as a deterrent for intruders.

Make sure you are covered

Home insurance is very important but contents insurance may be even more beneficial while you are on holidays. Contents insurance covers home appliances, furniture, TVs and many other household goods. We recommend you talk to our home insurance experts Elaine & Maura to protect your home and contents against the unexpected.

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