How do I know if I’m over-insured or paying too much?

You are paying too much if you have been on the same plan for three years or more. Another sign you are over paying is if you have all the family on the same plan. Not being on a corporate plan with guaranteed refunds on outpatient expenses could be a sign you are paying too much as is a failure to consider taking on an excess when you make a private hospital claim.

Many people fall into the “auto renewal” trap where they allow dated cover to roll-over for another year without checking out all the options. Don’t forget that you have 14 days after renewal date to amend or to even cancel cover, known as a cooling off period.

People should not be afraid to switch insurer. Consumers are fully protected by the healthcare legislation when it comes to switching. This means that insurers must take you on regardless of your medical history or pending surgeries.  You will get full credit for time served with previous insurers. In other words, if you have already served your pre-existing waiting periods, these do not need to be re-served.

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