Life Assurance

At Gateway, we aim to give you security throughout your life with a range of innovative products. We can secure the most competitive Life Assurance policies whether for Personal, Spouse or Business Protection. We will also guide you on selecting the most suitable product and assist you in assessing the level of cover appropriate to your circumstances.

We can advise on the following :

  • Mortgage Protection
  • Level Term
  • Convertible Term
  • Keyman
  • Co Directors / Partners
  • Section 72
  • Contingency
  • Family Income Benefit

Serious Illness

Serious Illness is also referred to as Specified Illness Cover or Critical Illness Cover.

There are many medical conditions and illnesses that, although not immediately fatal, have a serious impact on our ability to earn a living. It makes sense to consider what would happen if you suffered a serious illness or medical condition.

In the event you are diagnosed with a medical condition which is covered under your policy, you will receive a tax free lump sum. Serious Illness Insurance can help to ease financial burden, allowing you to concentrate on your recovery.

We can advise on the following:

  • Serious Illness
  • Terminal Illness
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