As price hikes kick in with VHI and Laya for health insurance, it’s a good time to shed expensive plans.

Many people will pay hundreds of euro more for their private health insurance this year – following a series of summer price hikes. The cost of a private health insurance plan with VHI will increase by as much as €320 a year once the insurer’s price rises kick in at the start of August. VHI is increasing the price of about half of its plans and Laya Healthcare increased the price of 82 of its plans at the start of July.

In the midst of these price increases, it is hugely important to seek out good-value private health insurance – and to shed overpriced plans. Failure to do so could see you struggle to afford health insurance going forward.

Young, Single

Let us say you are a 30-year-old single person who has no dependants and you are in good health.

The 4D Health 1 plan (which costs €1,089 a year) from Irish life Health is a plan recommended by Health Insurance Expert Dermot Goode for this individual.

There are also some other plans from €772 – €959 with Irish Life Health suitable for this age group. The Benefit plan is hugely popular and the individual can claim back  certain amounts on gym membership fees and fitness wearables.

Young Families

It may be worth splitting your cover – that is, insuring the adults under one plan and the children under another. In doing so, you may be able to get cheaper cover for your children.

The Nurture Plan from Irish Life Health costs only €169.00 per year compared to a cost of over €300.00 for children’s plans with other insurers.


Retired Couple

Older people often have most to gain by changing health insurance plans as they tend to be on old ones -which are usually the most expensive type. For example, VHI’s Health Plus Premium (previously the old Plan D) will cost €3,495 a year per person from August 1.

Remember, an old plan could be twice as expensive as a new plan, despite the cover on the new plan being similar to, or even better than, the cover on the old one. As always, buyer beware.

There are excellent corporate plans from Irish Life Heath available to everyone.  Dermot Goode recommends  Irish life Health’s 4D Health 4 currently at €1,524.50 per adult.


We all have different lifestyle and healthcare requirements. Here at Gateway we offer a variety of plans to suit all needs and budgets along with free expert advice.

If you decide to switch insurers, Irish Life Health will fully recognise the length of time you’ve spent with your previous insurer!

For a free quote or health insurance review please call to our office on Magazine Rd, Athlone, call Maria on 090 6421677 or email [email protected]