With a new year on the way it’s good time to shed expensive plans.

Many people pay hundreds of euro more for their private health insurance than they need to. It is hugely important to seek out good-value private health insurance – and to shed overpriced plans. Failure to do so could see you struggle to afford health insurance going forward.

Older people often have most to gain by changing health insurance plans as they tend to be on old plans -which are usually the most expensive type. Remember, an old plan could be twice as expensive as a new plan, despite the cover on the new plan being similar to, or even better than, the cover on the old one.

There are excellent corporate plans from Irish Life Heath available to everyone.  If you are on VHI Health Plus Excess costing €1879.00 per adult health insurance expert Dermot Goode (Sunday Times 08/12/2019) recommends switching to Irish Life Health’s 4D Health 2 currently at €1,277 per adult. Here at Gateway we offer this plan along with a variety of plans to suit all needs and budgets aswell as free expert advice.

If you decide to switch insurers, Irish Life Health will fully recognise the length of time you’ve spent with your previous insurer!

For a free quote or health insurance review please call to our office on Magazine Rd, Athlone, call Maria on 090 6421677 or email [email protected]