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Motor Fleets

For Commercial Motor Customers ā€“ Refunds for vehicles no longer in use, some insurers are offering premiums back, on a pro-rata basis for the period of COVID-19, for any commercial motor fleet vehicles no longer in use due to reduced business activity.

Subject to:

1. Insurance disk for each vehicle must be removed
2. Details required as to where the vehicles are being kept whilst laid up together with information around security – to be provided
3. Fire and Theft cover only will be provided for laid up vehicles
4. Client to be clearly advised that the vehicles no longer have road risk cover and cannot be driven under any circumstances

Refer to your Insurance Company or Insurance Broker for details

Important You should take time to read your Policy Document(s), Schedule(s), Endorsement(s) and Certificate(s) to give context to the special provisions contained in this document. As the situation develops, we may extend or revise these arrangements.

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