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Following the Government’s announcement to establish a single national healthcare response to the COVID-19 crisis we can expect that, for the period of the crisis, access to private hospital services will be restricted to critical and time dependent medical care. As a result, there will be a reduction in overall claims for private treatments during this period.

Health Insurers are fully committed to supporting the Governments’ response to this crisis and also to ensuring that you are treated fairly.

They are engaging with the Department of Health and other parties to understand the likely impact of the changes and to discuss initiatives to support you at this time. Once they have clarified the details we will advise you of how this will be reflected in the premium you pay for your health insurance plan and how you will be compensated for this period.

They are also aware that this time is particularly difficult for those of you who are experiencing financial challenges due to COVID-19. They have options to support you maintaining your cover.

Separate to that you can continue to access all other valuable benefits of your Health Insurance Policy.

Maria Keddle - Gateway Insurance

Author: Maria Keddle BA APA Health Insurance Account Handler

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